Our Answers for Sellers

Here are our answers to the questions I suggested you ask when you interview a Realtor:

Are you a full-time Realtor?

Yes – the Members of Watson Concierge Realty Group are all full-time Realtors. 

Do you hand off your clients or work with them through the whole transaction?

You will work through your whole transaction with the one agent in our group you chose to work with.  The only time you might work with another member of our group is on the rare occasion when one of us is out of town, or if your schedule is made easier by it.  In those occasions we will talk it through ahead of time.  We value getting to know you well and think that the best way to serve you well is to serve you individually so we will NOT engage in the “interview one then get handed off to someone you never met” method that occurs frequently with some larger groups.

What makes you different than every other Realtor who I could work with?

All members of the Watson Concierge Realty Group are lifelong residents of Central Indiana so we know this area remarkably well.  Maureen came to Real Estate after a 20 year career as a Physician, and brings the same attention to detail and pursuit of excellence to our team that defined that career. John brings the energy of a Millennial to our team and has a special passion and ability to work with first time homebuyers and young professionals.  We also bring the full force of Century 21 with us to your transaction.  Century 21 provides accountability, exceptional documentation, and world-class support to us as we work on your behalf.

What specific tools do you have or use to help Sellers, specifically?

Maureen holds a SRES designation, reflecting extra training in managing the specific needs of clients at or over 50 years old and is a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing which provides training for working with clients in the luxury home market.  She is also designated by Century 21 as a Fine Homes & Estates Agent which allows for special marketing for homes in the luxury market.  John is currently completing a designation that will give him special knowledge and information related to “Green Homes”- to allow him to market to the utmost homes and home features that emphasize an environmentally conscious lifestyle.  Finally, Watson Concierge Realty Group and its members have received the exceptional Quality Service Award from Century 21 for several years running.

How will I be different from every other client you are working with?

One of our priorities is getting to know you.  We believe selling your home requires more than knowing how much money you want and when you need to move.  As we get to know your priorities and your lifestyle we can best help you navigate the stressful season of selling your home and moving.  We want to know your “why” as well as we know your “what”.  We believe this will matter in serving you well.

What areas, neighborhoods, or price ranges do specialize in?

We do not choose our clients, they choose us.  We go where the client are, but we know the Central Indiana area very well so we are able to go work where you live with knowledge and expertise.  We work with all price range clients too, from first time bungalow buyers to estate clientele.  All transactions and all price ranges are not the same though and we recognize this by targeting our marketing of your home to the buyers most likely to be interested in it.  Our first step in crafting your marketing plan comes in identifying what your ideal buyer would look like, then working to be sure that sort of buyer will find your house and see it.

How much will it cost me to sell my house with you?

When we meet, we will discuss our marketing plan, our cost structure, and our services and benefits.  We feel confident that you will be satisfied with the service you have received by the end of your transaction.  We know you have cheaper options, but as you interview Realtors, don’t lose sight of the value items beyond price.  Many groups that offer discounted fees do so because they don’t invest much in marketing your home beyond posting it on-line for free.  You could do that yourself!  We provide a robust marketing and services program and know our value justifies our fee structure.  Finally, we will also provide you with a “Seller’s Net Profit Estimate” before you list with us.  We are honest and up front about not only our costs but the other costs you will pay at the closing table.  We want you to have a reasonably clear estimate of what your profit will be at this very first meeting.  Honesty is always our chosen path – you need to trust us later so we begin with this too.  Taxes, closing fees, title policies, commissions, document prep … we estimate all of these for you up front and we usually do this for 3 possible price points, so you know going in what you’ll have walking away from the closing table. 

How do you negotiate?

We work hard to negotiate the best contract for you.  This rarely relates only to price, and this is where knowing you thoroughly comes in handy.  We will talk with you about the price point most likely based on the comparative properties and also the price point most likely to be supported by appraisal – these are vital pieces of information as we set our strategy.  Sometimes the market won’t support the price point you want but it may be that we can identify other concessions that offset this … we are creative, rigorous, and 100% “for you” in any negotiation and we will discuss every aspect of terms with you as we work on your behalf.

Do you do anything special to help with the appraisal on my house?

Absolutely! This is one of our distinctive services and a point of expertise.  The appraisal is crucial for the Seller because if your house does not appraise for the amount we have asked for or negotiated for with the Buyer then you will be asked to drop that price in the homestretch.  The appraised value also may attach to the home going forward so if we fail here we may be stuck with the appraisal value going forward with a new, next buyer.  At Watson Concierge Realty Group, we are working on your appraisal from the time we list your home.  We will provide an Appraisal Report to the Appraiser when the time comes, and this report will document the comparable properties upon which we based our price initially and the comparables that support the price we agreed to with the potential buyers.  Beyond this, the report will also outline the additions and improvements that support the price and increase the value of your home beyond simple factors like the square footage or number of rooms.  Finally, we will provide a summary of “market factors” to support our valuation (the average days on market, the trends in the neighborhood or school district, the number of showings we had versus the average, and how many offers we received).  Most Realtors do nothing of this sort, but we believe it has been remarkably valuable to our clients.  In providing all this to the appraiser we vastly increase the likelihood of having a satisfactory outcome for our Sellers.

Do you personally handle the inspection negotiations with me?

Absolutely! And this is a very important and often challenging negotiation.

If I have to make repairs, how can you help me?

We have an extensive list of providers that we can recommend, and also a list we keep of people we would avoid.  We will help you find repair persons who will provide timely service and who will do good work at a fair price.  Repairs sometimes must be done on a quick timeline and our connections with quality vendors can help get this done without costing you more than you should have to pay.

Do you personally attend closings?

I love sharing the closing with my clients!

What is Watson Concierge Realty Group’s position on dual, or limited agency?

Dual Agency is an arrangement where one agent represents both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.  We do not believe this is appropriate, so we won’t do it.  We work 100% for our clients.  We see no scenario in which it is possible to represent the best interests of a buyer while also representing the best interests of the seller, or vice versa.  In trying to do both, neither gets the full advocacy they should expect from their Realtor.  Dual agency appeals to some Realtors because they can collect both the buyer and seller side commissions – it provides a “double pay day.”  By refusing to engage in dual agency we give away some money, but we stay true to our principle value – we KNOW who our client is and we work fully – and only – for them in each transaction.

How do you give back to the community?

We have a few favorite charitable causes we support.  With each transaction we donate a portion of our proceeds to support these groups. We also give to Arts groups that we simply enjoy – we actively support the Franklin Central Show Choirs and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

What qualities differentiate you from other Realtors?

As to qualities, we think it is important to be life-long learners. You are never too old to get better at what you do and you should approach each opportunity and individual as someone who can teach you something new.  This mindset has kept us on the cutting edge of technology, designations, and learning in Real Estate as well as in life.  You can read our individual bios in our “About Us” section, but what you will find is that we are firmly and fully committed to getting to know each client well enough to represent and anticipate their needs well.  We will tell you the truth even when that is uncomfortable and we will do what we say we will do.  We have designed our practice model on the Concierge Medical Practice model – you will be in our preferred client group when you work with us and we will optimize your experience – individually and intentionally.  Call us and we will help get done all the pieces and parts that get you to a closed transaction.  Also, our customer satisfaction scores are very important to us because they mirror our concierge level values.  We believe our current clients will be our friends in business in the future, not just in the present. 

We know you have a choice in Realtors and would welcome the chance to talk with you to see if we can work together well!