21 Steps for Sellers

Selling a home can be an overwhelming process, but less so if you take things one step at a time.  We have found it helpful to our clients to break this process down into a series of 21 Steps.  We have listed each step below.  If you click on any step, you can read a post describing that item in more detail.

When you choose to work with us, we will also send you a helpful checklist to keep you on track as you navigate through these steps and we will be keeping track of your process step by step as well.  There are a lot of moving pieces for a Seller but we never lose sight of our shared goal: we want to get your home sold, optimizing profit and timing and minimizing inconvenience and stress.

Step 1: Choose Your Realtor

Step 2: Listing Contract and Documents

Step 3: Marketing and Communication Plan

Step 4: Pre-Listing Evaluation and Repairs

Step 5: Staging and Preparing

Step 6: Consider a Home Warranty

Step 7: Professional Photography

Step 8: Ready to Show

Step 9: Negotiating An Offer

Step 10: What if we Reject An Offer?

Step 11: Inspection

Step 12: Inspection Response

Step 13: Home Repairs

Step 14: Appraisal

Step 15: Confirm Closing Date on All Calendars

Step 16: Begin Packing, Confirm Moving Details, Schedule Utilities Change0ver

Step 17: Schedule the Cancellation of Your Home Insurance

Step 18: Final Cleaning, Checklist, Security Details

Step 19: Final Walk Through

Step 20: Closing Day!

Step 21: Wrapping Up- Final Details After the Closing