Step 8 for Home Sellers: Let the Showings Begin!

All of your preparation has paid off- we are now ready for Showings to begin at your house!  We have specified your requirements for making appointments with Centralized Showing, your house has been de-cluttered and cleaned, prepared and staged. So- what can you expect during the Showings Season?

What Should You Expect While Your House is Actively Showing?

We encourage our clients to expect a busy first week and we hope that the house will show often and well.  If we have correctly priced your home, there should be some response to its availability quickly.  The speed at which a house sells depends on many variables.  Some of these depend on the house- variables such as whether the house is updated, is priced correctly, and is located in a desirable neighborhood.  But some variables are beyond our control- how many buyers are there who can afford your house, where do they live, and how many other possible houses are there that match the qualified buyer’s needs.

What Showings Require from a Seller:

Here are a few things you need to remember as a Seller. Each day you should do these things before you leave your property:

  • Open the blinds and drapes and leave lights on inside
  • Crate any pets in the garage or other secluded area
  • Clean up any dishes and straighten the kitchen
  • Leave your table set up as if you have dinner guests coming over
  • Make all the beds and put away any clothes or shoes
  • Consider fresh flowers or air fresheners, but don’t overdo this!
  • Be sure each day that any medications and personal information items are safely stowed away

What Can You Expect After Each Showing?

We follow up with each agent who shows your house.  These agents will receive an email request for follow-up promptly after the showing is completed.  If they do not respond to the email, we will reach out to them directly.  We may do this anyway if we want more info than they initially provide.

We will seek input from any agent who shows your house about their impression of our asking price, what they see as the house’s strengths and weaknesses, and any suggestions they may have to improve how the house shows. We will also reach out to agents who have NOT shown your house.  We will ask them if they have buyers who are qualified to buy the house and if so why they’ve not chosen to show it.  We learn from these missed opportunities as well as from the showings which do take place.

We should learn useful things from each showing, and we will work hard to gather any and all information we can get, share it with you, and discuss how we should adjust our plan going forward.

If you would like to discuss this further, please reach out to us.

Maureen Watson: 317-752-3377                 

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