Step 7 for Home Sellers: Professional Photography

One of the things you may notice quickly if you look through sites like Zillow is that the quality of photographs in homes for sale can vary widely.  At Watson Concierge Realty Group we use professional photography to present our listings in their best light.  This costs more but we believe it makes a real difference, and this is done at our cost anyway.  Most statistics currently available strongly suggest that the person who will buy your home will probably see it on-line before they see it in person.  If your photos are poor, fewer people will come to see your home and finding a buyer will be more difficult.

When Should Pictures be Taken?

It is our preference that professional photos will be hooked to our listing when it goes live.  This means the photographer will have to be able to access the home a day or two before our “go live” date to take the photos and upload them to us.  The home needs to be cleaned, de-cluttered, prepared, and staged before the pictures should be taken.  If you have pets, they need to be contained in a part of the house that will not be photographed unless you will be home to contain them for the photo shoot.

How Many Pictures Will You Take?

This will vary with the size of the home and the number of rooms.  There will be at least 2 exterior pictures.  If we list during a season when your exterior isn’t as pretty, we can certainly add some photos highlighting any outdoor features or landscaping that aren’t evident at the time of listing.  There may also be homes for which virtual tours or drone pictures are appropriate.  If your listing overlaps various seasons, we can add or subtract photos if weather changes work for or against us.

We will strive to highlight the best features of your home- and to diminish any negatives, too.  If your bathrooms are amazing, we will show them.  If they are not, we won’t.  We rarely highlight images of the garage unless there is a particular feature we want to emphasize.  We appreciate the handful of highly professional photographers we use and we will share representative images from their past work with you before we have them in your home.

Who Pays For Photos and Should I be Present For The Shoot?

Watson Concierge Realty Group pays for the professional photographs.  This is part of the budget we set aside from our fee for marketing your property.  We are usually present for all of the photo shoot.  You CAN be present but you do not need to be.  The photographers we use will make arrangements with you, the homeowner, to access your home for pictures.

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