Step 3 for Home Sellers: Marketing, Communications

In addition to all the documents associated with listing your house, your Realtor should also present to you a thorough and complete Marketing and Communications Plan.  The “bones” of the plan should already be formulated, but there should also be aspects of the plan that flex with your personal preferences.

Marketing Plan:

Watson Concierge Realty Group has a 21 point standard marketing plan.  We would be glad to discuss this with you in depth when we meet to list your home.  This plan discusses professional photography, a neighborhood and school marketing booklet, a plan for Open Houses, and our unique plan to identify and target the agents most likely to encounter buyers for your property.  There are many items in our plan that can be adjusted to reflect your preferences- we will work with you to guard your privacy and your safety while also bringing the highest possible level of exposure and access to your property.

Communications Plan:

A formal communication plan isn’t something most Realtors discuss, but we care very much about making the process of selling your home as stress-free as we can for you.  Some people want to know every day what is happening, while others prefer hearing from us once a week by phone and midweek by email.  For some, hearing too often is stressful, for others not hearing often enough from us is stressful!  We will specifically ask you about methods of communication that you prefer and we will also discuss what the content and timing of those calls will include.

We want very much to get to know you well enough that we believe we can predict what you are going to say – but this does not, in any way, mean that we will make presumptions about what you are ok with us doing!  Our goal is to learn your preferences and goals well so that we can anticipate them and meet them whenever possible.

Course Corrections in All Plans Remain Possible!

It will be important that you are able to reach us any day and similarly that we can reach you.  So, if one of us will be out of town we will either remain accessible or we will discuss with you a short term way to access the group if you need us urgently.  Similarly we will ask that you let us know if you are going on a trip or will be otherwise out of reach for any amount of time more than a day.  Sometimes an offer will come in with a very close timeline for response- it works best if we can communicate immediately with any buyer’s agent if you will be unable to respond within a 24 hour period of time, so let us know if such a time comes during your listing period.

Additional questions about our Marketing or Communications Plans?  We would welcome the chance to discuss them with you:

Maureen Watson: 317-752-3377                          

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