Step 21 for Home Buyers: Final Details After Closing

Final Details: Decide Where to Keep Your Documents, and be Consistent!

As you are enjoying your new home, there are a few final details.  First and foremost, be sure you put all of your documents from closing in a safe place – a place you can remember and access again.  You will need them for your taxes at the end of the calendar year.  You will also need them when you go to the Assessor’s office about 6 weeks after closing to file for your Mortgage Exemption.  This is an important trip.  The Homestead exemption is the largest tax benefit you will receive, but a mortgage exemption is also worth filing, if you have taken out a mortgage to purchase your home. While it is possible to file this online, we suggest you go to the office to file it.  You should take your entire closing packet with you – the office staff will help you file what you need to record the mortgage exemption.  Be sure to ask for a receipt, and while you are there, ask them to check to be sure your Homestead exemption has also been recorded – and ask for a receipt documenting that too.  If you have these paper receipts you can prove that the exemptions were filed, in case the info is somehow misplaced in the official record later.

Plan to be Asked for Feedback and Evaluations

Finally, you should expect a request to come inviting you to evaluate my service.  We take this evaluation very seriously and we hope you will be able to give us an excellent review.  We will be expecting it, because we have been in such close touch through the whole process that we should already know if you aren’t receiving great service.  It may also be that you will receive requests to evaluate your lender and perhaps other members of your service team.  We encourage you to fill out any such requests as good service should be rewarded – and bad service should be addressed and improved.

You will continue to hear from us even after your transaction is complete.  We will send you useful info about your property and we will hope to hear from you too – we will have forged a real relationship after the time and intensity of our work and we consider that relationship to be of great value.

We hope that you will feel very good about referring family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors to us in the future.  Our business is built primarily on referrals – we enjoy working with the friends of our previous clients very much!

We will continue to gently keep in touch long after your sale.  If questions arise for you about neighborhoods, areas, home services (such as landscaping, HVAC repair providers, painters – you name it) we would love to remain a regular and dependable resource for you!

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch:

Maureen Watson: 317-752-3377                            

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