Step 19 for Home Buyers: Final Walk Through

What is Final Walk Through and Why do we do it?

We will take one final tour of the property before closing.  This final walk through will take place, ideally, within 24 hours of closing.  During this visit we will visually inspect the items that the Seller agreed to fix, we will look through the home to be sure everything is still there that should be (for example, the kitchen appliances are there and are the same ones we saw before) and that nothing is there that should not be (that the home has been emptied of debris and of the Seller’s possessions.

We are looking at the repairs, but understand that we will have already been provided with receipts for all the agreed upon repairs for review before now.  You also have the right to have your inspector return to reinspect the repairs that were agreed upon – this is something I always write into my inspection responses. The inspector will require a fee to reinspect but depending on the scope of repairs it may be worthwhile to have the re-inspection done.

What if we Find a Problem?

Final walk through is a formality, but it is our way to be sure that there has not been damage to the property since we were last inside the property.  If we find a problem, I will immediately be in contact with the Seller’s agent in hopes of having the problem solved – or a plan to be sure the Seller has provided for the funds needed to solve the problem.  There is rarely an issue at this late date, but once we have closed on the house any new issue will be the responsibility of the Buyer so this walk through is very important.

Additional questions?  Feel free to get in touch:

Maureen Watson: 317-752-3377                     

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