Step 17 for Home Buyers: Security Measures

Security Measures Begin With New Locks!

It is our strong opinion that you should have a locksmith scheduled to meet you at your new home after closing to re-key all of your doors.  While the Seller is instructed to bring you all keys, it seems almost certain that there are a few stray keys somewhere that will still be out there.  New locks will immediately take a step forward to securing your property.

Alarm Systems May Also be Worth Your Consideration

It may also be that your new home has an alarm system.  You can call a provider before your closing to schedule a visit from an alarm technician who can help you – after closing – to change all your codes and can orient you on how to use your system correctly.  Alarm companies will often offer a significant discount to you as a new homeowner – they want to sign you up for a contract, so ask for a discount if they don’t offer one.

Other Basic Safety Steps you Should Consider:

There are a number of other safety steps you can take – some are expensive but others are pretty simple.  Here are some things you may consider:

  • If you have a sliding glass door, buy a heavy wooden dowel and put it in the track
  • If you have an alarm, ask for stickers to put on your exterior doors and windows to make it clear that your premises are monitored
  • Consider adding “Shatter Safe” to any glass in your exterior doors – it is see through but adds much to your protection
  • Consider adding motion sensor lights on any porches, decks, or patios
  • Consider “glass black” or curtains for any garage windows so that a potential thief cannot see when no cars are present
  • Consider web-based security cameras or doorbells to decrease theft and increase safety

None of these are requirements, obviously, but they would all increase your safety and help to insure that your new home is as secure as possible.  Finally, the simplest step to help you is more personal: Get to know your neighbors!

More questions?  Feel free to get in touch.  We can help you make connections for referrals in these areas if you are interested:

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