Step 16 for Home Buyers: Home Warranty

The first opportunity for you to receive a home warranty for your new home was to ask for this on the original purchase agreement.  This is a point of negotiation.  If you asked for and received a promise for a home warranty at that time, this is a time when we could confirm that the warranty has been ordered and review what is, and what is not, covered.

Is it Too Late to Get a Home Warranty Now?

But what if you didn’t get a warranty then?  In the recent market Seller’s have often refused to pay the cost of providing a warranty for the buyer.  But now that you are close to final figures for your transaction you may be thinking about purchasing a warranty yourself for your new home.

Average costs for a warranty begin around $480.  There are higher levels of protection and various differences in price depending on the deductible you agree to pay per service call – I can go over this with you.  If you have older mechanicals, or if you simply are draining your cash significantly enough and can see that spending $500 now to stave off the possibility of major unexpected repairs in the next 12 months, it may be that you want to talk more about buying this for your own protection and comfort.

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