Step 14 for Home Buyers: Pack, Arrange Your Move, and Set-up Utilities

Now that the major negotiations are complete, it is time to get ready for the big move!  You should, of course, be in contact regularly with your lender because that is the last major hurdle between us and the finish line.  But at this point, it looks likely that we will close on time.  Great news – but are you ready to move?

Will I Move Myself or Will I Hire Out My Move?

Your first major decision will be how much to do yourself versus how much to pay someone else to move.  This is a matter of personal preference and finances.  My suggestion to you is that professional movers are worth the cost, at least when it comes to your heavy items, bulky items, and furniture.  What you can do to save money, if you wish, is get everything into one area and pre-pack some items.  You may also choose to self-move a portion of your belongings.

There are companies who will do all your packing and unpacking as well as completing the moving of major items.  Be sure that you understand how you will be billed for these services.  Many moving companies have a basic hiring charge but add to that for the hours spent and also for the miles they must drive to deliver your goods.  Some movers will only provide service in a more local move while others can relocate you across the country.

If you need help finding a mover, we can provide you with some references for companies we have had excellent experiences with, but you can also check any companies you talk with through groups like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.  You may also find coupons through Angie’s List.

Beyond Movers, it is Also Time to Set Up Your Utilities!

Finally, it is now reasonable to call the utility companies for your new home.  You will want to confirm the dates on your Purchase Agreement (and we will help with this) but typically the Seller is responsible for paying for all utilities through closing day or through the day of possession, whichever is later.  You should call and switch all utilities into your name beginning the day after closing or possession, and get confirmation receipts or emails showing that these arrangements have been made.

If you need a list of utilities that provide services to the home, we can provide this, including online instructions or phone numbers for you to complete this task.

Additional questions? Please feel free to get in touch:

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