Step 4 for Home Buyers: Showings!

I’m Ready for Showings – Let’s Go Right Now!

It is exciting to get to the stage of going to look at homes- time for a Showings Tour!  Still, there are a few things you should know.  In Indiana, Sellers can place many restrictions on the availability of their home for showings, so as much flexibility as we can have is helpful.  For example, there may be some Sellers who require 24 hours notice for a showing while others may be “go and show” which means we could go with 10 minutes notice.  Some will require a phone call to the agent or even the homeowner before scheduling, some require a prequalification letter before they will approve a showing, some will only show on weekends … you get the picture.  To whatever extent it is possible, we will try to see as many homes as we can in the window that works for you, but know that sometimes Seller’s restrictions may require a less convenient time and a second tour.  Interestingly, the houses that make it hard for buyers to get in will often sell more slowly than those that are highly flexible so if we are struggling to get a showing scheduled others probably are too.  When we DO hit the road, we have some suggestions to make your day better.

Some General Suggestions for a Showing Tour:

  • Wear socks and a pair of shoes you can slip out of – if the weather is bad it is typically requested that shoes be removed at the door so no “weather” gets tracked in to the home.
  • Bring a bottle of water and maybe a snack too – touring can make for a long day.
  • Do not presume you can go to the bathroom in these homes – when it’s time for a bathroom break let your agent know and we will break for a public bathroom.
  • Bring a notebook.  You should NOT take pictures in other people’s homes but you SHOULD take extensive notes.
  • Understand that some homes have video surveillance, so don’t give up too much specific info on your impressions of a home while we are inside – we can talk generally but don’t talk dollars or terms.
  • If there is/are decision maker(s) other than you, try very hard to bring them along for showings.  Sometimes we have time for a second visit but sometimes very good houses may sell before we can get back to them.
  • Train yourself to look past the decorating style, furniture, and lifestyle of the current owner.  This is hard, but it is crucial!  Once you learn to do this you will be better at imagining what YOU would do with the space if it were yours.
  • Learn to see (and I’ll help here) what issues can be fixed or changed versus ones that are permanent.  For example, you can change out carpet and maybe even add a bathroom, but you can’t make the lot size bigger or change the school district.
  • Talk to me!  As I hear what does and does not work for you I will learn more and more about what you are REALLY looking for – which may, or may NOT, be what you thought you were looking for when we first began searching.
  • Be respectful of the privacy of the Seller.  You need never open drawers, read mail, examine calendars, or note identity info.
  • Despite the above, DO notice other clues left for you to see- are there pet dishes, water stains on the ceiling, or smoke smells?  These may be important to you as you think about repurposing their home into your own.

Other Tips for the Showing Season:

Each time you get back to the car on a Showing tour, take a moment to write down your thoughts.  Try to “name” each house – the midcentury modern, the “dog” house, the Red Ranch … something that will help you remember later on.  If you can bring along a significant other or a friend, it helps to have someone take notes while you talk, both during and after the tour itself.

I will ask you after each touring trip: 1) if any of the homes could work for you, and if so what you liked about it, 2) would you like to offer on that home?, and 3) if any of the homes are absolute no’s and if so, why?  If we have found a home you want to pursue, we will move on to next steps.  If not, we will park on this step for awhile, continuously refining your wants and needs list going forward.

Call me if you have questions!

Maureen Watson: 317-752-3377                             

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