Step 1 for Home Buyers: Choose Your Realtor

Most people start looking for a home by searching public sites like, Zillow, or Trulia.  This is completely understandable because you can do this at any hour of the day with no commitment – who doesn’t love to dream as we casually wander around on the internet!  But if you are ready to truly explore buying a home, a great first step is to choose a Realtor.  You are considering what is usually the largest purchase of your life – you want a Specialist to help you make a wise decision. Why choose a Realtor now?

Choosing a great Realtor can save you valuable time

A great Realtor will save you time in two major ways.  Using Watson Concierge Realty Group as an example, we set our new buyer clients up with a private search that sends you properties that meet your most important criteria.  You will regularly receive links for any new listings that meet your criteria or any listings that come back on the market or have a price change that makes them desirable for you.  This helps you focus your search.  You can still look at everything out there, but the good fits will come to you proactively through a direct message from us.

The second major time saving benefit we provide you is a private portal.  You can search widely through this private access portal but it protects from the random “I saw you looked at xyz property” emails and phone calls that come with inquiring, or even just looking, at properties on public sites.  There are agents who PAY to get your contact info from these sites.  They can’t find you behind the private portal we provide so your time – and contact info – will be protected.  Protecting your time and your privacy are major values for us so we do all we can to protect them – that begins here at Step 1 and continues throughout your home buying process.

How Do I Find a Great Realtor?

In this day and age, most people begin on-line.  You can learn alot about a Realtor by reading independent reviews from past clients ( is a great resource for this).  You can also get a sense of how thorough and knowledgeable someone will be by the info you can get through their website – we hope you will compare ours with others and see that we are thorough, professional, and client-focused.  You can also see on an agent’s website if they have additional Designations from organizations such as the National Association of Realtors – this tells you that someone is keeping up with the industry and seeking to be ahead of the curve.

Scouting Realtors on-line is a great start, but if you are ready to get serious about buying a home, call a Realtor and ask to meet.  If you call you will learn something quickly about an agent’s responsiveness.  Then consider your first meeting to be an interview.  Do you believe you can get along well?  What is the Realtor’s plan to find you the right property?  Will the Realtor have suggestions for other people to help you along the way or are you on your own?  Can this Realtor work in your schedule and can you work in theirs?  I’ve attached a list of good interview questions – and also attached our answers.

I fully believe that if you read our independent reviews on, take a thorough look at our website, and call us, you will have confidence about our expertise.  The phone call and the first meeting will then help both you and us know that we will be a good fit for each other – you should both like and trust whomever you choose to work with because buying a home is an intense, and sometimes stressful endeavor.

What Distinguishes Watson Concierge Realty Group?

Our core values are reflected in our daily business.  We will protect your confidentiality: we protect you from unwanted solicitation by providing you a private portal for your online searches and while we will help you find any additional providers you may need (lenders, inspectors, repair people) we will never share your contact info without your prior approval.  We emphasize excellence in knowledge: we provide added expertise in multiple areas (you can read more about our added designations as Buyer’s Agents here and we also have special training for the 50+ market and the luxury buyer’s market, as well as holding Century 21’s own Fine Homes & Estates designation) and we are continually tracking local markets and market trends to serve our buyer’s needs.  We provide first-rate communication and access: You will be our first priority.  You will reach us when you call or will receive a prompt return call and we will keep you updated regularly on every aspect of your transaction.

Finally, we listen!  Some Realtors don’t.  Avoid agents with agendas different from your own.  When we work with buyers our first priority is to get to know you and your housing related preferences well.  As we look at homes, your preferences will become clearer and we will adjust with you and help you identify and find the best fit for you.  We work for you and we work with you.  You are not a commodity to us and we will be sure you know this.

Finally, Watson Concierge Realty Group will continue to track with you after your purchase because we value you as a member of our extended family.  Our previous clients are our best referral source and we believe we can also be a valuable ongoing partner to you as a resource for home care information, referrals for home-related projects or repairs, or as a networking contact for you, too.

Please contact us if you have any questions – we look forward to working with you:

Maureen Watson: 317-752-3377 

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